Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Commenting on Posts

It seems that there is some confusion regarding how to comment on a blog post or reply to a comment someone else has posted.

If you are interested in commenting on any of the posts on this blog, simply begin typing in the "Post a Comment" section below the body of the post.

To comment on someone else's comments, just click on the word "Reply" below the name of that person at the end of their comments.

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  1. Last Sunday we had a great surprise at church. Someone from Harlandale High School and Harlandale Church of Christ was at church and found us ( they knew we were suppose to be there). It was Elaine Morgan and her husband. She graduated two years after us. Her brother Ronnie Morgan and my husband Doug, were good friends in school and church.,Elaine and her sister were both in our wedding. It had been over 48 years since we had seen her.Her husband has a cabin at Matagorda and someone told them we were in Bay City. Last Wed. Doug and I had our 48th wedding anniversary. Our first date was at Christmas in 1960. It was so great visiting with Elaine and her husband and remembering the old times. We had seen Ronnie at Doug and his 50th reu, for the class of 1960.Remembering is fun.
    Sandra Geest Anderson