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Date :   09/16/2008
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Name :   Corine Lozano Delgado
Date :   09/16/2008
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Name :   Ruben Delgado
Date :   09/16/2008
Email Address :   corineld@yahoo.com

Name :   Emma Allen Fine
Date :   9-15-08
Comment :   The last reunion was the best ever! I thought I would let it be the last as it could not be topped. HOWEVER I am ready to go again...!!! Email me!!
Email Address :   Sofine7409@aol.com

Name :   Tony Medellin
Date :   May 13, 2008
Comment :   New e-mail address
Email Address :   amedellin@stx.rr.com

Name :   Keith Moore
Date :   5/3/08
Comment :   Why do we always have to wait 5-10 years to have a class reunion? I feel and others do we are all getting older and time is flying by, why cant we see about getting together more often. If you agree,please respond and lets discuss the possibilities. Take
Email Address :   Mooresnant@aol.com

Name :   Joyceyrt
Date :   Joyceyrt
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Email Address :   Joyceyrt

Name :   Doug Gollihar
Date :   May 30, 2007
Comment :   Looking forward to the next reunion. My wife and I really had fun at the 40th. Wow, where has all the time gone. www.publishedauthors.net/ka5klu/index.html
Email Address :   n5rlq1@juno.com

Name :   William J Nash (Willard Brown)
Date :   09/15/2006
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Email Address :   william-nash@sbcglobal.net

Name :   Vincent A. Lazaro
Date :   June 13, 2006
Comment :   Impressive website for the Harlandale Class of 1963! I am in the process of writing a history of the Harlandale community and am seeking photographs and other memorabilia from this and other time periods. As a little background, I am a 1980 graduate of Ha
Email Address :   vincent_lazaro@yahoo.com

Name :   Doug Gollihar
Date :   May 29, 2006
Comment :   Looking forward to the next reunion. Im a writer now Mrs. Dickinson wouldnt believe it. www.publishedauthors.net/ka5klu/index/html. God Bless Doug Gollihar
Email Address :   ka5klu@arrl.net

Name :   john yost
Date :   july 2005
Comment :   miss alot of people hope to hear from them
Email Address :   carrey@sbcglobal.net

Name :   Mauricio Talamantez, jR
Date :   Mar 17, 1005
Comment :   I left high school in 1959. Joined the Army in 1960 and retired from it in 1987 as a Sergeant Major. I served in Labrador, Iran, Vietnam, Hawaii, Korea, and various European countries. I worked at the Pentagon from 1968-1972 and returned to Wash DC from 1
Email Address :   rgtalam@houston.rr.com

Name :   victor hernandez
Date :   02/03/2005
Comment :   its been a long time, time to catch up on things. hope to see everone soon.
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Name :   victor hernandez
Date :   12/09/2004
Comment :   hi everyone have missed erverthing so far, but eager to get together soon....I hope.
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Name :   victor hernandez
Date :   1/08/2004
Comment :   would like to find out when and where the next reunion. can call at684-1464 after 5;30 p. m. or at 924-9031 [work] during the day monday thru friday.
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Name :   Robert Moreno
Date :   7 Nov 2004
Comment :   Wow! What a great web site. Too many years have passed without seeing everyone. I made the 78 Reunion, but because of other commitments, was unable to make the last one. Cant believe that it has been this long since we all graduated. Have lived in souther
Email Address :   rnm1944@aol.com

Name :   Shirley Wilcox
Date :   9/07/2004
Comment :   I am formerly Shirley Davies from Class of 1965. We are just starting to plan our 40th Year reunion to be held next year. I just love your site. We may have to copy you guys.
Email Address :   shirleyw@satx.rr.com

Name :   Don Yunger
Date :   April 16, 2004
Comment :   Class of 1966.
Email Address :   dyunger@satx.rr.com

Name :   Clyde Benick
Date :   11/17/03
Comment :   Lets do it again. The sooner the better. If only we could bring back Capn Jims and the good old Pan American restaurant. Thank goodness at least Bud Jones Cafe on loop 13 is still there. Stay in touch, please.
Email Address :   clyde.benick @ albertsons.com

Name :   Riley Blackstock,Jr.
Date :   October 12,2003
Comment :   I think this was the best class reunion we've ever had! My wife and I really had a great time.I am looking forward to the next one.
Email Address :   Blackstockdg@aol.com

Name :   Alessandra Biemer
Date :   10-9-03
Comment :   I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
Email Address :   alessandra@satx.rr.com

Name :   Peggy (Gundy) Archer
Date :   10/08/03
Comment :   Wow! What a great web site. Am really excited about seeing so many young friends this weekend. Too many years pass without seeing everyone more often. Lets change that!!!
Email Address :   peggyarcher@sbcglobal.net

Name :   Linda Baird
Date :   10-08-03
Comment :   Hello to all! I feel very fortunate to have been invited to this reunion. Having grown up in Harlandale: Carroll Bell Elementary, Terrell Wells Jr. Hi, Harlandale Jr. Hi then finally the High School. But only for one year before we moved.
Email Address :   lstark@satx.rr.com

Name :   Jay Holt
Date :   October 7, 2003
Comment :   Hi everybody -- its great to see the names and pictures and notes -- also sad to see the remembrances. Won't be in Texas for the reunion, but just wanted to say I've never stopped remembering everyone during all these years.
Email Address :   jay.holt@verizon.net

Name :   george randall
Date :   10/04/03
Comment :   just looking at pictures and names of fellow students that I went to junior hi with
Email Address :   mary_carleton@hotmail.com

Name :   Jan (King) Schaefer
Date :   10-04-03
Comment :   I cant wait to see everyone!!! Bev, you did a great job on the web site. Just looking at it fills me with anticipation!!!
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Name :   Nanette Chopin-Cook
Date :   4 Oct 2003
Comment :   I want to thank each and everyone on the committee for putting this reunion together. You have done a wonderful job so far and I bet the entire week-end will be great - more memories to add to our memory books. We are looking forward to see all there.
Email Address :   lcnccook@msn.com

Name :   Emily Kardow Petty
Date :   9/24/03
Comment :   Does not appear that I will be able to make the reunion after all. Will miss seeing everyone. I am in Hunt, TX not far from SA. Would love to hear from all.
Email Address :   empetty@classicnet.net

Name :   Murrell Mitchell Hendricks
Date :   09/18/03
Comment :   Sorry I cant be there for the reunion--I know it will be a wonderful event. I have lots of fond memories of our years at HHS.
Email Address :   muhendr@aol.com

Name :   Emma Allen (Fine)
Date :   17 Sept. 2003
Comment :   Great Website, Beverly!
Email Address :   Sofine7409@aol.com

Date :   SEPT 2
Email Address :   LYNNDILLING46@AOL.COM

Name :   Don Carnes
Date :   8/23/03
Comment :   Just received the reunion and web site info. Very impressive.
Email Address :   dcarnes@satx.rr.com

Name :   Patricia Kramer
Date :   8/23/03
Comment :   Patricia is my mother. She is interested in getting in touch with friends from high school, she has especially mentioned Winnie Stamback. If you have info or would like to talk email me.
Email Address :   Kiminskool@yahoo.com

Name :   Ann Norman Jones
Date :   8/21/03
Comment :   I look forward to seeing everyone.
Email Address :   wajones821@cs.com

Name :   Carol (Wolle) Duffin
Date :   8/13/03
Comment :   Such fun memories and much appreciation for all the hard work that the reuion committee has always done. Are there more pictures of some other classmates that we haven't seen?
Email Address :   lgduffin@yahoo.com

Name :   Brenda Snider Stevens
Date :   7/31/03
Comment :   Hello, everyone. I am excited about the reunion. I haven't made any of them so I am looking forward to seeing you all.
Email Address :   bstevens@utsa.edu

Name :   Jose M. Villalobos
Date :   24 July 2003
Comment :   Greetings from Okieland. My wife Norma (class of 65) and I are looking forward to the 40th reunion. God Bless You.
Email Address :   JN_Villalobos@msn.com

Date :   07-05-03

Date :   07-05-03

Name :   Robert Anderson
Date :   7/5/03
Comment :   Keith Moore told me about this web site. It looks to have taken a lot of work, and appears to have been well worth it. Mrs. Daunoy in typing would have been proud, hell, I guess if she is still alive, she is. Very sorry to see some of the our people have passed away.
Email Address :   emeretta@stic.net

Name :   Ken Wagoner
Date :   06/28/2003
Comment :   
Email Address :   

Name :   Mary Evans Nutt
Date :   6/26/03
Comment :   I'm moving back to San Antonio after being gone for so long. Can't wait. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
Email Address :   marynutt@juno.com

Name :   Robert Henderson
Date :   6-16-03
Comment :   Well, I guess everyone will have to cruse through the Flame Drive Inn so we will know who made it to town. Great WEB page! See yall in October. P.S. Norman, you are wrong about Bob Gill. Remember that ol black shaggy dog he had, he and Roger would grab you and hold you down and the dog would get excited because you were wrestling and start biting you. Bob thought this was great fun. I will miss him (not the dog).
Email Address :   Bob.Henderson@bellsouth.com

Name :   Clyde Benick
Date :   June 11, 2003
Comment :   See yall soon.
Email Address :   Clyde.Benick@Albertsons.com

Name :   Clifford Jones (Class of 1964)
Date :   June 10 2003
Comment :   I went to school with a lot of these folks (class of 1963) till the 8th grade, then I got behind. I started out in the 1st grade @ Gearld elem. with them, however I did not graduate with them. I am very sorry so many are no longer with us.
Email Address :   bubacliff@earthlink.net

Name :   Mike Daffin (Class of 1964)
Date :   06/10/03
Comment :   
Email Address :   mwdaffin@yahoo.com

Name :   Charles Chavez (Class of 1964)
Date :   6/10/03
Comment :   
Email Address :   chaschav@swbell.net

Name :   John Pendleton (Class of 1964)
Date :   June 10, 2003
Comment :   Good start!
Email Address :   pendleton4@aol.com

Name :   Rex Linn (Class of 1964)
Date :   5-31-03
Comment :   Great job on the website! I'll be back to visit it again. Best regards to everyone!!
Email Address :   relinn1@yahoo.com

Name :   Bonnie Hannan Dugi
Date :   May 28, 2003
Comment :   Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. I am retired and living in Rockport, Texas. Come and see me if you are in the neighborhood.
Email Address :   bdugi@the-i.net

Name :   Dennis Uzzell (Class of 1964)
Date :   5/28/03
Comment :   I graduated from Harlandale High School in 1964. You have a great website which brought back a lot of fond memories.
Email Address :   DennisUzzell@Prodigy.Net

Name :   Eddie Bramhall
Date :   05-26-03
Comment :   How can a class that had Kenny Wagoner in it have someone smart as Beverly Watson! Great site and greater memories of the old southside.
Email Address :   ebramhall@devtex.net

Name :   Floyd Thigpen (Class of 1964)
Date :   5-26-03
Comment :   I really enjoyed this web site and seeing everyone that is posted on it.
Email Address :   fthigpen@pdq.net

Name :   Dean Vallery
Date :   5-23-03
Comment :   I received the notice regarding the reunion. I cant wait to see everybody
Email Address :   dvallery@gtweed.com

Name :   Prissy Pryor Garrett
Date :   5/22/03
Comment :   Just has to be a great reunion! Looking forward to seeing and visiting with everyone. Prissy
Email Address :   prismon@aol.com

Name :   Ron Wells
Date :   5-22-03
Comment :   Looking forward to the Re-Union
Email Address :   rjwells@tva.gov

Name :   Carl Trotti
Date :   5-21-2003
Comment :   Its hard to believe that I was only nine years old when I graduated in the year of 1963.
Email Address :   ctrotti@cox.net

Name :   David Young
Date :   5/20/03
Comment :   Thanks to all for your hard work on the reunion and Beverly the Website is outstanding.
Email Address :   dpyoung78254@hotmail.com

Name :   Mary Helen Ruiz
Date :   May 17,2003
Comment :   Looking forward to our 40th reunion
Email Address :   martinma139@cs.com

Name :   Riley Blackstock,Jr.
Date :   May 16,2003
Comment :   
Email Address :   blackstockdg!@aol.com

Name :   Charles Parchman
Date :   05/16/2003
Comment :   
Email Address :   cpi@austin.rr.com

Name :   Doug Gollihar
Date :   May 13, 2003
Comment :   It was sad to see so many of my classmates have passed away. Especially Bob Gill he was a great friend in school. Time has passed so fast. God Bless, Doug Gollihar
Email Address :   ka5klu@arrl.net

Name :   Tony Medellin
Date :   4/30/03
Comment :   Its been 40 years, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. Go Harlandale! #40
Email Address :   tmjflyingeagle@apex2000.net

Name :   Carol (Davis) Parker
Date :   4/26/2003
Comment :   This looks fantastic! Please include me for the 40th class reunion. Go Indians!
Email Address :   carolp281@juno.com

Name :   Glen Collins
Date :   3-29-03
Comment :   Its sure been a long time. It will be nice seeing yall. Cant wait.
Email Address :   kgc@ev1.net

Name :   Darlene Wenner McCorvey
Date :   2-26-03
Comment :   Looking forward to seeing all of the Class Mates.
Email Address :   dmccorvey6@aol.com

Name :   Darrell McCorvey
Date :   2-26-03
Comment :   Looking forward to the Class Reunion
Email Address :   bmccorvey@aol.com

Name :   Judy (Callaway) Oborn
Date :   27 Feb. 2003
Comment :   Hi... Really enjoyed taking a peek back in history. I was in class of 62 and recognized quite a few faces from the past!
Email Address :   y_rose2000@hotmail.com

Name :   Carol Henze Peterson
Date :   2/19/2003
Comment :   40th!!!! Doesnt seem possible! Cheers to the ones of us still here and tears for the ones who arent. David and I are looking forward to seeing all of you in October.
Email Address :   petersoncarola@msn.com

Name :   Sandra Geest Anderson
Date :   feb 17.2003
Comment :   A big hello from here on the coast to all my fellow classmates. If any of you are in the bay city area let me know. I'd love to hear
from you.
Email Address :   sanderson@bcblackcats.net

Name :   Cathy Holland Lewis
Date :   02/14/03
Comment :   My brother Larry showed me this website, he loves it and so do I, keep up the good work
Email Address :   cdlhol@satx.rr.com

Name :   John & Shirley Moore May
Date :   01/23/03
Comment :   We can't wait to see everyone on 10/11/03! Thanks to Beverly for all her hard work on a great web page! Take care all.........
Email Address :   maysl@worldnet.att.net

Name :   Anita (Palowski) Roberts
Date :   01/22/03
Comment :   Hello to all!!! Thanks to Beverly Watson for doing such a GREAT job on this website!!
Email Address :   aroberts44@hotmail.com

Name :   Linda Grubbs Combs
Date :   1-13-03
Comment :   Well, here we go again...can you believe it has been 40 years....Im not that old...!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Email Address :   Lcombs@satx.rr.com

Name :   John Kuykendall
Date :   12/16/02
Comment :   It seems like its been a lifetime--I guess it has. Hope to see everyone soon--keep up the good work.
Email Address :   kirkjrk@aol.com

Name :   Nanette Chopin Cook
Date :   5 December 2002
Comment :   Hi all, since 1996 Clay Cook and I have been married and are very very happy - We should have done this in 1963. We are retired and traveling. Will be home this Sunday from 3 months on the road. Looking foward to our next reunion and are willing to assist
Email Address :   lcnccook@msn.com

Name :   Mike Riggs
Date :   12/04/02
Comment :   Looking forward to the reunion.
Email Address :   MRR811@aol.com

Name :   Wilbert Wessels
Date :   november 28, 2002
Comment :   would like to hear more about the plans for a 40 year reunion. would need dates as soon as possible because of need to schedule vacation days and plan trip. sounds like fun.
Email Address :   sonnywessels@email.com

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