In Memory

Bob Gill

If he had 50 cents in his pocket he would give you a quarter.
If you went by his house at 3:00 a.m. and told him to get dressed and get in the car, he didn't need to know why or where you were going, it was enough that a friend asked him.
To him a TV set was a personal challenge to take all the tubes out and try to put it back together.
He never said a mean word about a friend and he never put anyone down just to get a laugh, but he would do just about anything else no matter how silly, to make people laugh.
He was having his most fun when he was making others laugh.
He trusted his friends to the point that he was an easy target for practical jokes and even though he was the butt of the joke he usually enjoyed them and was quick to forgive the perpetrator.
He was gentle in spirit and never demanding of his friends. Harlandale High School was a better place because he was there.
Norman Van Pelt

Norman is right. Bob was always on the verge of smiling or outright laughing when you were around him. He was an original free spirit. He didn't get up tight about much of anything. I can still see that '56 Chevy of his mother's with five or six people in it laughing looking for something that might be happening. We sure perfected the art of entering the drive in movie theaters around there without having to part with the ticket price. I remember his little mother (she was about 5' tall) waking us up one morning shouting "what did you do to my car", when the night before Bob had made us catch a baby skunk to try and make into a pet. We put it in a gunny sack in the trunk (this was on one of those Landa Park trips) and boy it did not like being in there!!! Bob put an old milk crate over it at his house and guess what? It just dug its way out while we were sleeping. Boy that car reeked. I have great memories of all the time I spent just hanging out with Bob. We were all better for having known him. I won't talk about the night we crossed paths with the Peoples and Allens but it was all Bob Williamson's fault.
Robert Henderson

When I think of Bob, I'll always think of hijinks and laughter - stopping the car for "fire drills" in the middle of Military Dr., late night shenanigans at the "Chinese Graveyard" (did he really push David Young into an open grave?) and watermelons traded for donuts after a midnight outing to Landa Park. Thank you, Bob, for adding so much joy and silliness to our childhoods.
Beverly Watson

Rosalie Davis

She was a dear friend to everyone who knew her. We miss her.
Darlene and Darrell McCorvey

Doris Biggers Cristofoletti

I lost a life long friend when Doris passed away. We became friends when we were both three years old. We stayed in contact all those years and tried to see each other at least once a year. In the last year or so she wouldn't talk to me because she said she knew she would cry so I would just leave messages on the phone or send a card. She was a wonderful person who loved her children and husband and loved being a grandmother. I miss her. We use to laugh about how when we got in an argument she would bring her boxer dog down to threaten me to play with her again. Once or twice we even had matching cheerleading and twirler outfits for halloween. It is rare to have a life long friend, but I was lucky to have one.
Sandra "Geest" Anderson

The picture of Doris is exactly how I remember her. She was always a great one to laugh with and enjoy just being friends. She will be missed.
Robert Henderson

Ronnie James

I got to know Ronnie best in junior high. He always seemed to know so much about things, like photography especially of course, but other things that nobody else seemed to know about. I have this image of him wearing his cool shades and flashing his smile and being Ronnie James. And taking pictures. He was fun to be with, yet also had his kind of intense, serious side. But the Ronnie I knew best was just enjoying life, and I am keeping those memories.
Jay Holt

Ronnie was just so much fun and I can't help but think how we'll miss having him around in our old age. I know our reunions would always be livelier and more unpredictible if he were here.
Beverly Watson

Janice Pierce

I will always remember the sparkle in Janice's eyes and her wonderful smile as she spoke with you. We first met in jr. high and became closer after graduating. Our children played together, John and I had many fun outings which included Janice and her family.

My heart is heavy each time I think about not seeing her beautiful eyes and smile again. Janice, I miss you but enjoyed every minute you were in my life.
Shirley May Moore

Mickey Wilkins

I knew Mickey long before high school and he was the same every time you saw him. He had the most pleasant personality and smile. I can never remember Mickey being harsh to anyone. He made you feel like you were important in his life, and as it turns out he was important in our lives as an example of how to treat others.
Robert Henderson

Steve Bivens

Steve lived next door to my brother and when I think of him I think of laughter. He had that mischievous air about him and will be missed. I bet he would have beat everyone back to Deloit's pool hall that night if he hadn't run into that barbed wire fence (can't tell the whole story here). He sure caught a lot of grief from all of us once he healed up.
Robert Henderson

Joshua Rodriguez, Jr.

On February 2, 1973, Joshua Rodriguez was the first Bexar County Reserve Sheriffs Deputy to be killed in the line of duty and had been with the Sheriffs Reserves for two years. He was employed as a supply officer at East Kelly AFB and wanted to become a full time law enforcement officer.

Elizabeth Ann Hengst

Poor Betty. She always had to sit next to me in the classes where they seated in alphabetical order. She had the sweetest personality and her shy smile will be missed on this earth.
Robert Henderson

George Chavez

George is the same in my recollection all through junior high and high school, just as nice a guy as you could ever hope to meet. I remember him especially from those three years in homeroom where Mrs. Cage did such a good job of ignoring us all. George was always steady, friendly, ready to listen, smart, willing to help. I don’t think there was anyone easier to talk to.
Jay Holt

Johnny Higginbotham

I remember Johnny mainly from senior year, and more from at church than at school. He seemed always to be such a happy guy, friendly and laughing and always wanting to organize social things. He was good to have as a friend. I am sure everyone in the band remembers his broad smile and big laugh.
Jay Holt

Bill Janowski

I didn’t really know Bill well, but I have these recollections of him as just really admirable. He was quiet and contained and dignified. He liked to write and really put a lot of thought and care into his writing.
Jay Holt

Daniel Massey

Danny helped me get my job at Handy-Andy, and we had a lot of fun there. Danny had to take a lot of jokes and ribbing sometimes, especially about that Mo-Ped. I remember once when some of you lifted the moped over that locked chain-link fenced area behind the auditorium. Danny might get annoyed at the ribbing, but he would quickly move on to whatever was next, and I remember some pretty good comebacks he had, too. But mainly he was unfazed by it all. Danny always seemed to know what he wanted, and he went about doing what he wanted to do. He was very strong. I appreciated his friendship and respected him greatly.
Jay Holt

Other classmates we have lost -

Walter Anderson
Pam Abbott Jones
Edward Cantu
Emma Soto Carrillo

Barbara Lee Corliss
Winnie Christine Fischer
Ruth Griffith Purcell
Larry Holland
Max Kern
Dean Mackie
Darrell McCorvey

James McCorvey
Leonardo Mitchell
Yolanda Morales DeLaFuente
Ralph Pacheco
Ray Pearce
Wayne Reneau
Martin Schmitter
Charles Schultz
Vatcho Scott
Dorothy Sheffield Heath
Domingo Torres
Norman Van Pelt

Roger Walton

Please write the web master with information or pictures of classmates who have passed away along with any memories of them you would wish to share.

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