Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update on Missing Classmates

The following classmates have been now been located and are no longer missing:
Ronald Basinger
Sherry Butler
Carol Davis Parker
Patsy Farris
Margaret Gonzales Phillips
Nancy Hagerty Bernosky
America Hernandez Velasquez
Stanley Hierholzer
Paula McIntire
Ann Norman Jones
Charles Parchman
Shirley Patterson Elickenloff
Robert Phifer
Gladys Warncke Perchard

Sadly, we have also discovered that the following classmates are now deceased:
Walter Anderson
Edward Cantu
Ruth Griffith Purcell
Max Kern
Dean Mackie
Yolanda Morales DeLaFuente
Leonardo Mitchell
Ray Pearce
Martin Schmitter
Dorothy Sheffield Heath
Vatcho Scott
Domingo Torres

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Martinez Social Club

For anyone interested, here's a photo along with some history on Martinez Social Club from Friday's Weekender at the SA Express.

Thanks to Bonnie Hannan Dugi for the article.