Monday, November 11, 2013

More Photos on the Way

This morning I received emails from a 1963 graduate who attended the reunion via txt. Jay Holt's sister Helen from the Class of 62 was present and in the course of the evening took photos with her phone and texted them to Jay.

Since Jay hasn't been able to attend the last few reunions, he also sent his picture to share. How great to be able to have him participate in the reunion this way. He emailed the other pictures Helen took to me and I'll try to add them to our collection of photos before the day is over or tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks so much to our txt attendee Jay and to Helen as well for being his "on site" rep.

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  1. Beverly you are doing a great job. I work on a lot of things pertaining to my pictures and Facebook and I know how much work it is. I am also working on my family geneology. I also take pictures to put on Find A Grave, which is a wonderful site and do indexing for the Church of Latter Day Saints. All for free of course. I thought I would never know anything about my father's family and with the help of James, my son, who is a funeral director I have found much more than I ever thought I would. I found some cousins on my maternal and paternal.side too. I belong to and other sites. Regards, Emma